Dr H Anjum

Humera Anjum did her MPhil and PhD in Political Science from Hyderabad Central University. She has had a distinguished academic record having secured gold medals in undergraduate and post graduate. She did a Post Graduate Fellowship from Henry Martyn Institute on “Women and Peace Building.” Comprehensive academic understanding of the subject nuances of Public Policy Studies in India came from spearheading the pioneering Masters in Public Policy Program as Faculty & Associate Dean in ICFAI School of Public Policy. She contributed extensively to the unit’s journals and has two books on core policy areas to her credit.

Research on policy alternatives, process and implications – in water management at Andhra Pradesh Irrigation & Command Area Development leading to publication of ‘Improving Performance of Participatory Irrigation Management – Navigating through Andhra Pradesh Experience’ gave insights into dynamics of policy implementation.

Her key areas of focus at Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society – AP Planning Department was on identifying concerns and key action points, preparation of social sector reports, planning scenarios based on development status and projections, etc. As a part of the ‘Vision Management Unit’ that drafted and reviewed ‘Vision 2029 – Andhra Pradesh’ of residual Andhra Pradesh, she provided critical and supportive assistance in social sectors of Public Health and Nutrition, Education and Skill Development; Vulnerable Groups and Poverty Eradication.

She was also involved in coordinating the innovative Malaysian PEMANDU labs system of performance monitoring. As a part of the PEMANDU Labs on Education– 2016 she worked with the Malaysian team in Pre-Lab, Lab and Post-Lab Sessions on finding solutions for improving quality of school education through discussions with education and allied line department officials, Non-Governmental Organizations etc.,. She has joined ASCI as Assistant Professor in the Centre for Public Policy, Governance and Performance.



Dr Rama Rao hails from Telangana State. He Obtained PhD in Fibre Science & Technology from IIT, New Delhi. He worked for 38 years in the Agricultural Research Service of ICAR from Nov 1978 to Sept 2016. He worked in the senior positions as National Director of World Bank funded National Agricultural Innovation Project &DDG (Engg) at ICAR Hq, New Delhi and as Director, NAARM, Hyderabad.

His work focus is on leadership in agricultural research and education, technology management, organisational change and reforms and innovation management. He was successful in completion of World Bank funded project, National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP), utilizing 100 per cent of 250 million dollars across 203 projects spread across 680 public-private partnership partners across the country.

He has extensively contributed on many policy dialogues and strategic initiatives in R&D, capacity development, public-private partnerships, monitoring and evaluation of projects, knowledge management, educational planning and promotion of open access. He has carried out a number of projects funded by DST, ICAR, DFID, FAO, Indo-Swiss Agency, FAO, and World Bank. He has over 125 publications including 40 research papers, 18 technical/consultancy reports, 6 books and 20 training manuals. The book on winning research proposals is well received with fourth revised edition now in use.

He has received advance training in educational leadership and decision systems at Ohio State University, USA. He has coordinated 20 sponsored projects and more than 100 training programs. He has been teaching post-graduate courses on strategy and technology management. Supervised BTech, MCA, MBA and MTech students of various institutions across the country in the area of IT, management and technology forecasting.

Dr Rao’s awards and recognition include: Hari Om Ashram Trust Award in the year 1996 for Database Management; Leadership Award to NAARM for Academic Excellence 2015 by DOPT, New Delhi; Academic Leadership Award to NAARM 2014 by Agriculture Today, New Delhi; Honorary Fellow, Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers; and FAO Fellowship on Educational Leadership. He was/is Project Advisory Committee Member of DST & ICAR, Member in Selection of Faculty/Officers in Central institutions like IIT, ICAR, NIRD, MANAGE, NIPHM, Member in management committees of ICAR institutes and agricultural universities.

Besides professional work, he takes keen interest in sports, yoga and various social events. 

Dr Rama Rao's current areas of interests in Agriculture and Rural Development include Monitoring & Evaluation, Minimal Governance processes in Agri-marketing, Promotion of innovations, entrepreneurship and empowerment 

Dr. D. Rama Rao
Professor and Centre Director
Centre for Poverty Studies and Rural Development
Administrative Staff College of India,
Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,
Hyderabad - 500 082.
Tel:  040 - 66534212
Email: ramaraoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Avik Sinha2

Avik Sinha, is an Assistant Professor in the area of Economics, at the Centre for Economics and Finance of Administrative Staff College of India. He has done his FPM in Economics from Indian Institute of Management, Indore, PGDM in Finance and Service Operation from Institute for Technology and Management, Mumbai, and BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur. His doctoral dissertation was on “Encountering Environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis in Indian context: Some Methodological Concerns”. It dealt with the estimation of Environmental Kuznets curve for SO2, NO2 and CO2 emissions in 139 Indian cities using a wide array of methodological applications.

Prior to joining ASCI, he has worked with Accendere Knowledge Management Services (A Career Launcher subsidiary) as Research Mentor. As the Head of Management Research vertical, he has mentored several business schools in India for increasing their research output. He had taken several lectures and training programs on Optimization of Research Process, Quantitative Research Methodologies, and Econometrics. He has also worked with Tata Consultancy Services as Assistant System Analyst. During this period, he was involved in Core Banking Solution project, State Bank of India. He handled the automation of the Balance Sheet generation process of SBI and the associate banks of SBI, automation of Year-Ending activities, and automation of Risk Management reporting. For these three projects, he received three consecutive TCS GEMS awards in 2010.



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Sinha, A. (2015). Capital Market Returns, Utility Price, and Exchange Rate Movements: Evidences from India after Credit Crisis in 2008. Saarbrücken, Germany: Scholar's Press.

Sinha, A. (2014). R.E.CALL. New Delhi: Partridge Publications.

His interest areas are Sustainable Development, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Analytics, and Econometrics.

Avik Sinha
Assistant Professor
Centre for Economics and Finance
Administrative Staff College of India
CF-11, Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road
Khairatabad, Hyderabad 500 082
Tel:  040 - 66533000 (Extn. 208)
Cell: +91 - 97133 40444
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Dr. Srikanth joined ASCI in January, 2017 as an Associate Professor in Money, Banking, Corporate Finance, and Governance area. Dr. Srikanth holds MBA (1996-98) and Ph.D (2007-12) both from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad; he is a commerce graduate (1992-95) from Andhra University. Besides, he is a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (2004) and a diploma holder in Treasury, Investment, & Risk Management (2005) from the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai. His doctoral dissertation was on “Determinants of forward premia in the Indian foreign exchange market”.

Dr. Srikanth is a banker turned academician with a total work experience of over 15 years. Prior to joining ASCI, he was working at IIM Shillong as a faculty in Finance and Accounting area. He taught courses such as Corporate Banking, Derivatives & Risk Management, Financial Accounting, and Financial Management to Post Graduate (MBA) students as well as working executives at IIM Shillong. Apart from the above, he lectured on topics namely Analysis of Financial Statements, Working Capital Management, Project Finance, Mobilization of Finance for Start-ups, Credit Risk Management, Exchange Rate Dynamics, Corporate Governance in India, etc. in various management development programmes. He also published case studies with Ivey Publishing House, Canada and several research papers in refereed international journals of repute. Dr. Srikanth is a visiting faculty for Staff Colleges of IDBI Bank, Andhra Bank, APSFC, and HCU. He is a member of the Indian Finance Association, Kolkata and the Financial Education Association, University of Houston, USA.

Before starting his academic journey in September 2014, Dr. Srikanth worked for IDBI Bank, Andhra Bank, Export-Import Bank of India, and State Bank of Mysore in various capacities. He is considered to be an expert in credit appraisal, and monitoring; besides, he worked in foreign exchange, treasury, and general banking domains. He has hands on experience with respect to corporate finance as well as infrastructure project finance in terms of appraisal, sanction, legal documentation, disbursement, monitoring of implementation of projects & end use of funds, recovery, and compliance with statutory regulations. 

Corporate Banking, Financial Markets, Earnings Management, Sustainable Business Models, Corporate Governance, and Family Firms.

Dr. M. Srikanth,
Associate Professor,
Faculty in Money, Banking, Corporate Finance, & Governance Area,
Administrative Staff College of India,
Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,
Hyderabad - 500 082.
Tel:  040 - 66534341
Email: professorsrikanth@asci.org.in



Ashutosh Murti, is an Assistant Professor in Human Resource Area, Centre for Management Studies, ASCI. He has Bachelor in Business Administration from Sikkim Manipal University and completed his Master in Human Resource Management from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad. He holds a Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy from School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and has more than 8 years of experience in academia and industry. His PhD work investigates positive and normative analysis of human resources practices and methods. The study emphasizes the need for information which reflects how search, selection and social-network plays an important role in different sphere of firm’s success.

Prior to joining ASCI, he was working with School of Human Resource Management, Tata Institute of Social Sciences as Assistant Professor. He has worked on consulting assignments with The Shipping Corporation of India; UNI Global Union; The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, GoI; The Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services; City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited; Tata Teleservices Limited; ITX Trading SA - India Representative Office INDITEX; and Northwestern University. His academic and industry work is in the area of Human Resource Management. His area of interest and research includes -Personnel Economics, Labour Market, Human Resource Management, Leadership Development and Data Sciences. He has several publications in reputed national and international refereed journals.

Human Resource Policy, Personnel Economics, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Competency Assessment, Leadership Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dr. Ashutosh Murti

Assistant Professor - Human Resources Area, Centre for Management Studies

Administrative Staff College of India,

Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,

Hyderabad 500 082.


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