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1.0 Coverage Of Storm Water Drainage Network

Performance Indicator





Coverage of storm water drainage network


Coverage is defined in terms of - % of road length covered by storm water drainage network

Data Requirements

Data required for calculating the indicator



a) Total length of road network in the ULB


Only consider roads that are more than 3.5 m wide carriageway


b) Total length of primary, secondary and tertiary drains


Only consider drains that are trained, made of pucca construction and are covered.


Coverage of storm water drainage networks


Coverage = [(b / a)*100]


Rationale for the indicator 

This indicator provides an estimation of the extent of coverage of the storm water drainage network in the city. This value should be atleast 100 %, or closer to the benchmark range of 130 % to 150% (on the basis that about 30-50% of the road length should have drains on both sides)

Reliability of measurement


Reliability Scale

Description of method

Lowest level of reliability (D)

 Not applicable


Intermediate level ( C )

Estimated from city road maps, not updated in past 5 years


Intermediate level (B)

Estimated from city road maps (that are detailed and to scale), which have been updated in past 5 years

Highest/preferred level of reliability (A)

Actual ground levels surveys carried out to measure drain and road length. Surveys to verify that drains are of pucca construction and covered.

Minimum frequency of measurement of performance indicator

Smallest geographical jurisdiction for measurement of performance




Ward level

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